Lauren Arrow

Lauren Arrow

Trauma-Informed Vocal Guide & Creativity Doula

Having felt awkward, unable to express herself & terrified of singing for most of her life, Lauren's purpose as a Vocal Guide is to create a safe, playful, and trauma-informed space for folks to explore & open the beautiful gift of their unique voice & to slowly start peeling away the self-judgement, criticism, & shame around expression. Her organization, ProcessSING, helps bring the joy of song back into people's lives through play, depth work, & curiosity.




Workshops presented by

Lauren Arrow

ExpressSING Your Soul!

Our inner & outer worlds are full of sound - from beautiful angelic choirs to dissonant choppy expressions. Lean into your soul & listen to the unique way your being wishes to express itself in all moments! We will be utilizing toning, sounding, movement, somatic explorations, improvisation, harmonization & total expression while being witnessed in a safe, held container. Come play & open up the gates of your voice!

ProcessSING Vocal Shame

Do you want to share your voice, but find yourself holding back time after time? Fears around judgement, criticism, & the belief of a lack of ability keep too many of us silent... but all your heart wants is to feel comfortable SINGING! We can all be liberated in our voice through exploring the fear & shame we hold, inviting it to the table, breathing love & acceptance into it, & slowly unpeeling the layers of gunk to get to our shining authentic voices.