Lennart Hennig

Lennart Hennig

Collective Leadership Coach

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Lennart is a seasoned international leadership facilitator, who fuses neuroscience, spirituality, embodiment, and deep ecology into a holistic framework for collective growth. He is engaged in creating a culture of regeneration and communal living. Deeply committed to unlocking our full human potential he challenges the paradigm of separation that pervades individual and cultural identities and invites us to embrace every facet of the human experience for a state of authenticity and presence.


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Lennart Hennig

The Deep Ecology of Touch

Deep ecology has emerged as an interdisciplinary subject bridging the gap between science, spirituality and philosophy. Today more than ever it is crucial to not just comprehend the interdependency of all life, but to deeply embody what it means to be a steward of a living earth. In this experiential workshop we will take a journey through science, ancestral wisdom and elements of touch to feel how we can contribute to the liberation of this living planet from the culture of separation.

The Ecology of Neurodiversity

In this workshop we will journey into the ecological wisdom of neurodiversity and spectrums like ADHD and learn how practical embodiment approaches can turn the curse into a gift. We will learn how to build more awareness for our own neurochemistry in any given moment and from there how to create embodied presence through meditation and movement. Understanding the wisdom of your beautifully complex and unique mental ecosystem is the starting point to developing self leadership and efficacy.