Lona Garner

Lona Garner

NeoTantraTeacher & SexualBlissCoach

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Lona's greatest desire is for you to feel bliss! She's an embodied Neo Tantra Teacher, teaching over 80 workshops in the last 2 years. The body is the key, and the workshops are experienced throughout your entire body, mind, & energy. She easefully teaches for all levels and demonstrates consent and inclusion. She's also a Sexual Bliss coach, combining the powers of Tantric practice and somatic psychology to bring you whole-life liberation through your sexuality! All are welcome.


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Lona Garner

Open Your Heart

Together we will open our hearts physically, emotionally, and energetically to move into absolute bliss and love! This is one of my most precious offerings. Come solo or with partners, all are welcome! Every exercise you'll meet a new partner (or stick with the same one, if you choose) and we'll go one level deeper into the heart, gently opening and relaxing until we literally pour out our heart energy for the whole community! Its' absolutely magical and my delight to teach it in a safer space.

Sex Magick

The more energy your manifestation has, the faster it comes to fruition. That's the general theory behind Sex Magick. And what has more energy-magnifying power than pleasure? Using whole-body sensual pleasure (there's no nudity allowed in the workshops) we will start to flow with that energy magnification! Then we'll go through all the steps to manifest. I'll be teaching the solo and the partnered versions at the same time, empowering you to choose which one is aligned for you. All are welcome.