Lucid Dawn

Lucid Dawn

Yoga Therapist, Witch, Ritualist

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lucid dawn, she/they - ERYT500+ yoga therapist, teacher of teachers, counselor, ritual/ ceremony leader, artist/ author/ activist, community organizer & queerdo who has been performing & teaching at festivals & events for nearly 3 decades. lucid is a lover of life & midwife of death & rebirth. lucid aims to help all beings remove all barriers to love & awaken to our interconnectedness.


She / Her They / Them


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Lucid Dawn

Dispelling the Binary

Connection is our life-source. We have all suffered the illusion of separation and othering. In this cauldron we expand our minds and language to dispel binary conditioning. We learn what it is, how to heal it, and how to accept and expand our idea of self while at the same time becoming more inclusive and understanding of the folx of the in-between. Includes historical research, contemporary references, Non-Dual Tantrik philosophy, and modern psychological views and practices.

Yes, Please! Improv Your Heart Open

Using ritual theatre techniques, acting games, movement, sound, breath, creativity and courage to play with ourselves, we uncover the innate fullness of our beings. By remembering our connection to divine and earth we find the freedom to release old patterns of resistance and fear. Non-dual Tantrik philosophy and practice, Theatre of the Oppressed, Pleasure Practice, Forces of Nature, & the work of Antero Alli all inform this adventure. Come away feeling even more in love with life.