Majica Alba

Majica Alba

5Rhythms® Teacher & Psychotherapist

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Majica is a creative visionary who holds sacred space where people can see what is already there. She is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in a private practice serving couples & individuals online in California and in-person in Sacramento. She specialized in using Emotional Focused Couples therapy, Kink/Poly relationships & Psychedelic Integration. Majica is a Certified 5Rhythms® teacher & dances & makes art everyday as part of her dedication to her own soul & healing journey.


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Majica Alba

5Rhythms: Relationship Dynamics

Let us focus on exploring the shadow parts that impact our connections. Using the map of 5Rhythms, we will uncover the ways in which we get stuck in our relationships – from inertia to momentum, from tension to release, and from confusion to surrender. Do you find yourself getting too close too quickly, or does intimacy trigger discomfort? We'll dare to confront these parts using movement to guide us towards relational security. Guided movement class with no steps to learn. No partner required.

5Rhythms: Pleasure in Connection

Dare to step on to the dance floor & luxuriate in the pleasure of being in motion. This is an invitation to move toward ease, an invitation to tenderness, to softening while dancing to a wave of music. What is it like to connect to yourself, to others, or to the whole room? Let's move together & find out what arrives when we tune in. There will be exercises in connection & taking pleasure in moving with others. Come alone or come with others. No partner required. You might get sweaty.