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Matt Sturm

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Matt is a guide for transformational experiences. He is the founder of the Living Kosmos integral mystery school and author of The Organic Masculine workbook for men. He teaches about sacred sexuality, yoga, breathwork, and spirituality, and leads men’s retreats. His training spans in somatic psychotherapy, psychedelic-assisted therapy, reiki, neo-tantra.




Workshops presented by

Matt Sturm

Breathing Alive

In this guided breathwork ceremony, participants will expand body, energy and spirit to welcome in more vitality and release tension and blockages. The journey will include evocative recorded music, breath technique, sound and somatic release, and hands-on trauma-informed support as needed. It will be an individual experience within a group field, with a sharing circle at the end.

Embracing the Organic Masculine

Dive into an empowering exploration of life-affirming masculinity through interactive discussions, mythic meditations, and creative expression. Discover an integral path to self-realization and community connection by transcending traditional gender norms while embracing the sacred masculine. Open to all, inclusive of gender or orientation. Let's redefine and re-member masculinity together!