Matt Sturm

Matt Sturm

Somatic Guide

Matt is a guide for transformational experiences. He runs the Living Kosoms integral mystery school, focusing on the evolution of consciousness at the intersection of science and spirituality. Matt teaches about sacred sexuality, yoga, and spirituality, and leads men's retreats. Matt has training in somatic psychotherapy, psychedelic-assisted therapy, yoga, reiki, neo-tantra, and is deeply connected to both Tibetan Buddhism and the Western Mystery traditions.




Workshops presented by

Matt Sturm

Breathing Alive

In this guided breathwork journey, you will expand body, energy, and spirit to welcome in more vitality and release anything holding you back. The journey will include evocative recorded music, breath technique, sound and somatic release, and hands-on trauma-aware support as needed. It will be an individual experience within a group field, with a sharing circle at the end.

Masculine, Feminine, & Androgyne Myth Playshop

Come playfully re-enact myths of masculinity, femininity, and androgyny to embody these divine archetypes. In this space we will heal our divides, celebrate our diversity, and liberate our sexual essences. Expect drama, comedy, and profanity - and most of all, fun!