Misha Bonaventura

Misha Bonaventura

Relationship Coach & Community Builder

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Misha coproduces Bonobo Network where she passionately supports sex positive community and helps pleasure seekers worldwide to create more of what they want for themselves. Her private practice focuses on conflict resolution and communication coaching and she loves supporting her clients in creating sustainable, long-term relationship building. She is a recent graduate of Somatica Institute and is now offering an even bigger menu of sex and relationship coaching in her private coaching practice.





Workshops presented by

Misha Bonaventura

Garden of Delights: Sensational Play

This evening we’ll be exploring all the ways you can play with sensation from the lightest of tickles to rough wrestling. If you’d like to explore, this is your place. Playful activities with other humans & delightful creatures. Leave your expectations at the door, release your fears, & open your heart. You will be at choice every step of the way so if something feels out of bounds we will happily thank you for taking care of yourself, & as soon as you want to jump back in, you will be welcomed.

From Premature Attachment to SlutSecure

Are you finding yourself in over your head trying to balance this world of relationship, sluttiness, sexy possibility, love chemicals, and secure attachment? You can have all the amazing & yummy things you’re wishing for in your relationships. Have all the sex, have all the friendships, and have all the love with all the ease. Mitigate the hard feelings, the presumptions, the premature attachment woes as you hone and celebrate your sex & intimacy superpowers!