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Sejal S Sood

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Sejal S Sood is the visionary of Sircle. She has trained in Indian Classical dance for 18 yrs, but her true inspiration comes from folk dance & Yoga. Though formally trained in Mathematics from MIT, her passion for dance has led her to live and travel across Asia for the last 17 yrs. Having devoted many years integrating the mysteries and treasures of dance into a form that is relevant and accessible, she now creates art and spreads Sircle dance around the world. Sircle is her gift to the world!


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Sejal S Sood

Sircle Yoga Dance: The 9 Goddesses

We hear the term Goddess often but what does it mean to *be* a Goddess? The incarnations of the Goddess are infinite. Shakti is the energy force of the Goddess, it isn't female, it is the feminin that is in all of us. It is Shakti that gives us power, love, selflessness, infatuation, fearlessness, renunciation, clarity, peace, creation & more. Dance to the Goddesses & experience her many forms to Embody the Goddess that you are. All of the energy of Shakti is inside of us ready to be awaken.

Sircle Yoga Dance - Yin & Yang

A beautiful meditative morning practice to embrace both the yin and yang energies in our bodies through a continuous flow of movement. Combining Qi Gong, Yoga and dance movements, this session will leave you in a blissful harmony with the ability to embody both the control and grounding of Yang, and the supple flow of Yin. Open to all levels and all genders, come and harmonize with Sircle Yoga Dance.