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Shake The Cosmos

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Abe Sharma stands out as a Global Kundalini Yoga Visionary, blending ancient practices with modern insights. Certified by the Kundalini Research Institute, his path from a youthful skeptic to a globally recognized instructor embodies transformation. Abe’s workshops transcend mere practice, fostering deep connections and positivity. With an MBA from UC-Berkeley, his approach integrates yogic philosophy with leadership, inspiring action across cultures.


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Shake The Cosmos

Union of Souls: Kundalini Yoga in Partnership

Union of Souls’ invites you on a transformative journey of connection through Kundalini Yoga. This session weaves together meditation, visualization, and dynamic movement, designed to help you experience Kundalini energy and deepen interpersonal connections. Experience the power of group energy work in a nurturing environment, enhancing personal growth and community bonding. Suitable for individuals and partners alike, this workshop offers a profound experience of unity and soulful exploration.

Shake The Cosmos: Vision Accelerator

Shake The Cosmos: Vision Accelerator is a workshop merging Kundalini yoga with innovative goal-setting techniques for a transformative journey from vision to action. The workshop progresses through visualization for clarity on aspirations, journaling to explore passions, and group discussions for community insight. Dance sessions embody joy and integrate learnings, leading to practical goal-setting exercises that equip participants with a tangible action plan aligned with their life's purpose.