shiloh burton

shiloh burton

Social Practice Art: Educate 2 Liberate

Shiloh's passion & purpose is to facilitate & distribute narratives of resilience, strategy, love, thriving, change, justice, healing, & transformation. Coming from a SURJ, Restorative Justice, NVC, PIC: Abolitionist & Education for Liberation background they know communities possess the solutions & relationships to dismantle systemic oppression & repression together through action. They support dynamic spaces for authentic brave heart centered story sharing & telling.




Workshops presented by

shiloh burton

Practice Your Love Ethic in Public

Love is a practice. Learn how to move from performative ally to active co-conspirator. We will start to develop and design an individualized practice to put your white privilege to work. Learn how to show up and transform your life to be in alignment with your values. A love ethic is founded in care, commitment, trust, responsibility, respect, healing & knowledge. Come plan, reflect, embody & practice these in community. Profound changes must take place if we are to create a loving culture.

Pleasure Alchemy

Come experience pleasure, sensuality & intimacy as healing modalities. Learn to navigate your relationship(s) and life with more presence, purpose and personal power. Using ritual, rhythm & reverence to balance body, mind, spirit and emotions to reframe trauma and shift it. We will play with sensory practices. Large group, small group and individual exercises that are somatic and engage the senses (sound, smell, taste and touch).

Queer Welcome, Celebration & Mixer

Hey Queer Fam! Come and share snacks, stories, and yourself. We will introduce ourselves, connect, play, listen, and share the love. Let’s practice carrying belonging inside ourselves and sharing our hearts in community.