Tani Thole and Leslie Rogers

Tani Thole and Leslie Rogers

Light Dark Institute Founders

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Tani Thole and Leslie Rogers are the founders of the Light Dark Institute, an organization dedicated to helping people fall in love with the parts of themselves and the world that they have previously rejected. Tani and Leslie are highly skilled facilitators who are known for their ability to make exploring even the most intimidating realms feel safe. Ultimately, they are devoted to the practices of transformation that allow us to love ourselves, each other, and our world more deeply.


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Workshops presented by

Tani Thole and Leslie Rogers

Darketypal Play

Join the founders of the Light Dark Institute for a playful foray into using Dark Archetypes to explore the rejected, denied and hidden parts of our personality, as well as the power of bringing them forward into conscious play. We will cover: -The value and opportunity of exploring darkness -How to use Darketypes to identify different flavors of darkness within ourselves and the world -Bringing humor and playfulness to our relationship with the things we usually take seriously

Playing with Power

Join the founders of the Light Dark Institute for an intentional exploration of the darker impulses in relating. Tap into greater levels of power, self-expression, and intimacy through a carefully curated exploration of domination and submission. You will learn to: -Expand your range and capacity for holding power as a Dom -Find and honor your authentic yes or no as a sub -Find resonance and consent with a partner while bringing consciousness to your dark side All experience levels welcome.