Wahila Wilkie

Wahila Wilkie

Relationship & Sexuality Educator

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Wahila brings a blend of passion, playfulness, and profound purpose into her work as a community builder & educator. She has facilitated programs on love, intimacy, & sexuality, focusing on the power of presence and loving touch, for over 25 years. In her embodiment practice, she has studied & practiced everything from Tantra to Sacred Kink. She is a certified meditation & yoga teacher who helps people develop greater self-awareness & healthy connections in their relationships & sex lives.





Workshops presented by

Wahila Wilkie

Embracing Connection Through Loving Touch

Embark on an experiential journey where intimate verbal sharing seamlessly transitions into delicious consensual, loving touch. Play with giving and receiving as you discover the power of non sexual touch as a pathway to self-discovery, self care and connection. Learn safe ways to engage in touch where personal boundaries are explored and honored, vulnerability is celebrated and skin hunger satiated. Open to everyone. Closed container.