Wren Lafeet

Wren Lafeet

Somatic Permissionary

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Wren is an embodiment guide, recovery counselor, DJ and forever student. He shares mindbody integrated practices synthesized from social partner dance, mindfulness, Gene Keys, waterways, neuroscience and psychology that support interpersonal connection, positive change and right relationship. Channeling this synthesis as Cocréa, he creates brave spaces for humans longing for deeper belonging to come home to themselves. He works with Embodied Recovery on unceded Amah Mutsun land in Los Gatos, CA.





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Wren Lafeet

Micro Partner Dance

This practice is all about PRESENCE! Technique focuses on a close embrace, a relaxed, sensitive connection with blurred lead/follow, and an attention on the breath that allows us to move our energy appropriately to be in integrity with the moment. This technique allows us to keep the dance moving and about the pleasure of the dance happening now, rather than agenda or fantasy. Move with awareness of our sensual energies, and honor the sacred by celebrating and owning our pleasure for ourselves.


CommuniYum is an intentionally held, lightly facilitated dance journey. Drawing inspiration from 5 Rhythms, the Gene Keys and bass music, we commune while supported by Cocréa’s 6 Realms of Connection: Self, Earth, Music, Sacred Other, Community and the Whole. This practice focuses our awareness through partnered and solo dance to cultivate radically present relationships and authentic community. Experience a deeply connected, honest and powerful practice for transformation.