Zahava "Z" Griss

Zahava "Z" Griss

Embody More Love Ritualist

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Z (aka Zahava Griss, they/them) is the founder of Embody More Love, a spiritual kinky dance community for personal & cultural liberation. Since 1999, Z has guided dance rituals to decolonize, heal, build intimacy, & make love out of what is not yet love. Z guides a 3 month immersion called Play with Power & Gender through Dance, dedicated to attachment & trauma informed kink. Z is also creating a Grief & Eros Film honoring the legacy of Sobonfu Somé. Learn more at




Workshops presented by

Zahava "Z" Griss

Dance of Dominance & Submission

Power dynamics are present all the time, kink is about making power dynamics exquisitely clear, creative, consensual, & passionate. Embody both your Dominant & submissive archetypes through guided somatic prompts & partner dance. Re-examine your relationship with power, pleasure, & owning your true desires. Learn simple consent practices, ways to generate permission & build trust. Come with a beloved OR solo & open to a new connection. New & seasoned dancers & kinksters are welcome.

Energetic Erotic Consent

Learn to listen internally & not override the wisdom of your body. Learn 3 energy practices to better track & communicate your desires. These 3 practices support you to notice when you are not present & to move from pattern back to presence. Consent only becomes possible when everyone involved is present. Pair up to practice sensing heart desire, erotic desire, voicing your desires & dancing together from this clarity. These skills support your connection & consent on & off the dance floor.