Zaza Bell

Zaza Bell

Somatic Coach & Gender Educator

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Zaza is a Strozzi Institute-trained Somatic Coach who has supported clients through gender and sexuality exploration, divorce, consent violation, and releasing long-held patterns. He loves his own daily somatic practice! He has facilitated Men’s Groups, Genderqueer groups, Somatic Shabbats, and NVC workshops. He taught in Oakland schools for ~8 years, facilitating >100 Restorative Justice circles. He founded Camp Common Ground, an empathy-based overnight camp. Ram Dass is his spiritual daddy.


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Workshops presented by

Zaza Bell

Gender Norms in Your Body, Upbringing, & Body Wash

We will construct Gender Boxes of expectations for different genders (non-binary included!). We’ll examine how we each do and don’t fit into those boxes and what happens when we step outside of that box (i.e. policing). We’ll embody mythopoetic gender archetypes (e.g. King, Huntress). We’ll deconstruct gender norm messaging in Men’s and Women’s body wash. We’ll share our personal experiences of gender norms, and see who “steps into the circle” and resonates with us. Can attend solo!

Games about Belonging, Social Status, & Popularity

We will play summer camp games with a twist. We’ll reflect on the feelings of exclusion in our bodies during interactive games like “Huggy Bear” and “Cut Me Off.” We’ll explore how group dynamics can solidify into social status with role playing games like “Social Power Hour.” We’ll disrupt our sense of aloneness with “Step Into The Circle.” We’ll close with a Strozzi Institute Somatic “Allyship Practice” to heal those wounds of belonging, hearing from partners what we needed to hear back then.