Raw Evolution - The Awakery

If our body's a temple eating's a prayer

We serve healthfully decadent, raw vegan, comfort foods, minimally processed, uncooked and made of the freshest organic ingredients. Our goal is for people to experience the energetic glow of natural living foods in their pure state – raw – without enzymes or vitamins cooked away. Mushroom Walnut Cheeseburgers Flatbread Pizza Curry Vegetables over Cauliflower Rice Fruit Custard Pies, N’Ice Cream Massive Banana Splits Chocolate Layer Cakes Snickers Bars All raw vegan! Our recipes, while decadently delicious, contain no refined sugar, gluten, dairy or animal products. They’re made entirely from fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and maple syrup. We are what we eat, so why not eat more Life? Our foods leave you feeling vibrant and energized. When one adopts a high percentage raw diet, one more fully experiences the body’s innate healing ability and a consistent natural high. Our core customers are those seeking a new level of health and satisfaction. Health is self-love, and at RawEvolution we provide exceptionally delicious foods to inspire healthful choices that enhance your inner shine and whole body healing.



Adorn yourself in our halo crowns, flower crowns, braids, tiaras, ribbons and burner headdresses. We also have suncatchers so you can bring light and charm to your windows and walls


Sparkle & Swagger

For hand-made, one of a kind festival wear we have something for everyone and look forward to helping you express your shiny, dark, or just plain weird and lovely self.


Soul On Nitro

Add some fluff and sparkle to your tastebuds

Soul on Nitro provides Cacao, Matcha, and Cold Brew Coffee on Nitro, along with Kava Soda and Hot Chai for your drinking pleasure. Come hang out in the lush inviting energy of the lounge space and dance and relax with your fellow SoulPlayers.



Wild Born from a love for movement

Artisan-Crafted Designer apparel made in the USA from organic cotton + hemp + eco-dye. Wild Born from a love for movement, their designs are fit for Wild Hearts young + old. Sustainable Fashion. They are committed to pioneering mindful practices within all facets of their brand to be an example of how rewarding sustainability is for humanity and the earth. They strive towards a zero waste goal + minimal environmental impact throughout their production processes. Integrity ~You can feel the difference of conscious clothing.


California Cuisine

May your life be a festival!

At the heart of our food vending operation is a stoked, joyful crew and original recipes with delicious, whole food ingredients. In service to the attendees, we emphasize a streamlined menu that is designed for both quick delivery and quality during rush times. Customers will not have to wait long for their orders. Cleanliness, as well as, attention to presentation is a factor that we take seriously as well when in operation.


Queen of Hearts Clothing

Originally designed movement inspired clothing for living the beauty way~

Queen of Hearst Clothing offers movement inspired, natural fiber clothing to fit your dance and yoga lifestyle! Our clothing is feminine, elegant & fun to wear. For the last 20 years Owner/Designer 'Sujatiya' Bridget Lindsay has been working together with a family owned & operated cottage industry in Bali producing & refining her original designs. Every piece is infused with love & made with intention. Please come play dress up with us! We look forward to meeting you. May you dance your dreams and walk in beauty!