Astral Chrysalis Designs

Metamorphic Leather Couture & Millinery

We create Unique, High-End Leathercraft made here in California. Most are One of a Kind and truly unique, built to last, as we guarantee our work.


Opulent Ore

Artisan Handcrafted Jewelry

Handcrafted metalsmith artisan jewelry in sterling silver, copper, brass, bronze and mixed metal designs. Hand forged earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets in boho, nature, ethnic and contemporary styles.


Old Soul Henna

Top Henna Tattooist in Anthem

Old Soul specializes in creating great-looking designs, using natural colors and substances to make henna tattoos, converting your ideas into beautiful designs on your skin.



Sacred adornments inspired by Inidan tradition

ZEBA means beauty in Persian. At ZEBA they believe that beauty already exists within you, and jewelry only helps you tap into your innate beauty. ZEBA makes one of a kind adornments inspired by the sacred traditions of India. They use only natural materials like stones, threads and metal. No toxic glue or binders. Entirely crafted by hand at our workshops in India and California (USA).



Wild Born from a love for movement

Artisan-Crafted Designer apparel made in the USA from organic cotton + hemp + eco-dye. Wild Born from a love for movement, their designs are fit for Wild Hearts young + old. Sustainable Fashion. They are committed to pioneering mindful practices within all facets of their brand to be an example of how rewarding sustainability is for humanity and the earth. They strive towards a zero waste goal + minimal environmental impact throughout their production processes. Integrity ~You can feel the difference of conscious clothing.


California Cuisine

May your life be a festival!

For over 15 years, California Cuisine has served super tasty organic, vegetarian food at west coast festivals. Their intention is to align with an ethos of excellent service and participation with organic and delicious vegetarian food. At the heart of their operation is a stoked, joyful crew and original recipes with delicious, whole food ingredients. They offer a streamlined menu that is designed for both quick delivery and quality during rush times. They value cleanliness, presentation, smooth communication and good vibes.