SoulPlay Ticket Purchase Instructions:
1. Purchase an Immersive Pass. This is required for entry. One pass per person. Your ticket includes tent camping, meals, SoulPlay T-shirt, access to all workshops, yoga sessions and evening events, cold pool, hot showers, and many more surprises.
2. Purchase a Parking Pass - depending on your needs. Only required if you intend to show up with a vehicle.
3. If desired, purchase Upgraded Lodging from one of the options. Not required if you intend to tent or car camp. Note: Lodging add-ons are per room, not per person. Each of the options has a different bed configuration. One person must purchase, and then you can share with your friends accordingly. EACH PERSON MUST STILL have their own Immersive Pass to enter the event.

If the tickets plug-in below is not rendering correctly, feel free to purchase directly from Eventbrite.

Refund Policy

You are always welcome and encouraged to sell or transfer your ticket to someone else.

If this is not possible, and you feel you must cancel your ticket, our refund policy is as follows:

4 weeks or more before the event, we’ll refund you 80% (until May 12th)
Between 4 and 1 weeks before the event, we'll refund you 50% (until June 2nd)
1 week before the event there are no refunds.