Cocréa Partner Dance

Slow, Saucy & Sacred ~ A Mindful Partner Dance Experience

Immersion Details

This 4-day experience will be a deep dive into the magic and intimacy of Micro Dance, where we can saucily play in the slow burn and restorative nourishment of profound presence.

Cocréa is as much a path of personal development as it is a training ground to become a better dancer. This will be an exploration of embodiment and refinement in listening – both with the self and others. We will embrace form and structure, and deepen into a practice of presence with one another. It will be a brave space to lean into any edge that dancing with others may present, while being given space to gently broaden your comfort zone.

Playing within the structures common to many of the world’s social partner dances, participants will learn tools to invite and allow an easeful flow to emerge through deep listening and responding in presence with the moment. Through meeting and joining energy, we emphasize connection, communication and creative expression between two humans within a community of others.

Building on the foundational elements of social partner dance technique as our common language, Wren’s playful and sincere guidance teaches how to wield creative expression with consideration to another body and practice nuanced responsiveness to one another in improvisational, co-created dance. Cocréa is a gateway to accessing the body’s wisdom to deepening Self and relational attunement. Our intention is to explore form and play creatively from our heart, body and spirit, in full support and appreciation of ourselves and one another.

Themes we’ll play through:

  • Consent
  • Emergence
  • Polarity – the Mutable Energetics of Lead and Follow
  • Change and Co-Creation
  • Pause
  • Patience
  • Stretching into Discomfort and Uncertainty as an Opportunity for Growth
  • Shaping intention and energy for Optimal Listening

What the attendee could learn/intention of the workshop:

  • Core Stability & Balance
  • Lead-Follow-Neutral Dynamics
  • Variable Frames of Connection
  • Accessing Intuitive Movement
  • Expanding Connection Points
  • Activating Your ‘Spinaesthesia’ (Jedi Musicality)
  • Embodying the Freedom of the Sacred Clown

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Wren Lafeet

Wren is an embodiment guide, recovery counselor, DJ and forever student. He shares mindbody integrated practices synthesized from social partner dance, mindfulness, Gene Keys, waterways, neuroscience and psychology that support interpersonal connection, positive change and right relationship. Channeling this synthesis as Cocréa, he creates brave spaces for humans longing for deeper belonging to come home to themselves. He works with Embodied Recovery on unceded Amah Mutsun land in Los Gatos, CA.