HAI:Connecting in Love

Human Awareness Institute Level 1 + 2

Immersion Details

Everyone starts with Connecting in Love, an immersive weekend workshop that is designed for you to love yourself, exactly as you are now. In this workshop you will have profound opportunities for deeply connecting with yourself and others.

We gently invite you to let go of the layers of defense that have kept you safe in the past,  but now may just be keeping you separate.

The workshop is designed to be a safe place for you to explore your inner world, as well as your connections with others, and in turn, learn to love yourself more.

Our focus on Love, Intimacy and Sexuality provides fertile ground for self discovery, and true intimacy with others in a non-sexual context.

“There must be something more than this.”

For some who come to their first HAI workshop, they may not be able to identify anything specifically wrong with their lives, but just that something’s missing. You come to your first workshop full of who you have always been, and for most of us there is a sense that “there must be something more than this.” There must be a deeper, richer something—but it is elusive. We catch glimpses, whiffs and moments. We bring with us our hopes, our pain, even our undoing, and our very real sense of knowing underneath we feel there is something more.

We come and we listen and then we begin to share, answering questions we have perhaps not spoken out loud into a truly listening ear. We begin to listen to others in a way that makes little inroads into our own possibilities—something inside has a new, stronger voice—sometimes it cries, sometimes it laughs and sometimes it comes with a shiny new idea about how we might live. Perhaps it is true that there is a miracle inside the decision to love yourself, and others, and we begin to follow a thread, a rope, a path, and then a road.

Along this road we find others that have sought something more. We begin to explore that elusive longing and find ourselves in the embrace of other like-minded humans. Then, we grow in the warmth of a community coming together to be the loving human family we all long for.

In your Connecting in Love workshop, we invite you to be both empowered, and naked. Naked in both your body, and your emotions. What if there were truly nothing in the way? See more on why we invite you to be naked.

The openings are some extravagant mix of inner looking and soft landing places. We begin to breathe deeper and our hearts quiver on the edge of true tenderness and understanding. At first it feels just vaguely familiar and then this openness begins to feel like where we truly want to live.

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover you are beautiful and lovable, just as you are.
  • Let go of fear and shame that can block love and intimacy
  • Practice speaking and listening from your heart
  • Accept and love your body, as it is today
  • Change habits and patterns that no longer serve you
  • Feel the support of loving community
  • Take risks, have fun, change your life

Have questions about this particular Immersion?
Reach out to HAI directly at soulplay_2024@hai.org


Tony Holmes

Tony is a Pleasure Activist, Facilitator, Shamanic Practitioner, DEI Consultant, Yoga Therapist, Daka, Mediator and Officiant. His mission is to help bring humanity back into balance. He facilitates HAI workshops and Diversity Trainings for The Nova Collective, a global woman/Black/Queer owned consulting firm. Tony's specialization is shamanic massage and ceremony. He also founded The Society for Healing Arts Institute and LOVES connecting in play and vulnerability.

Barbara Musser

Barbara supports clients in being in integrity & balance in the inner experience & outer expression of their essence. She helps people heal & rebalance their life force energy with a special focus on navigating the journey & overcoming trauma related to sexuality & cancer. She ha an MBA & decades of experience, able to navigate in both the spiritual and material worlds with ease. She's helped clients with yoga therapy, meditation, visualization, sex education & dream coaching.