Tony Holmes

Tony Holmes

The Love Warrior

Tony is a Pleasure Activist, Facilitator, Shamanic Practitioner, DEI Consultant, Yoga Therapist, Daka, Mediator and Officiant. His mission is to help bring humanity back into balance. He facilitates HAI workshops and Diversity Trainings for The Nova Collective, a global woman/Black/Queer owned consulting firm. Tony's specialization is shamanic massage and ceremony. He also founded The Society for Healing Arts Institute and LOVES connecting in play and vulnerability.




Workshops presented by

Tony Holmes

Body Bliss for BIPOC Folx

Body Bliss for BIPoC Folx will utilize small group, large group, and one on one exercises designed to help BIPoC Peeps Psychosomatically 'empty out' trauma, baggage and fatigue from holding space and laboring for themselves and their communities. Participants will empty their vessels and fill their cups in order to be able to serve their 'gold' to a world that desperately needs it. We will use gentle yoga, quantum indigenous practices and facilitation to weave a strong Sanctuary.

Pleasure Alchemy

Come experience pleasure, sensuality & intimacy as healing modalities. Learn to navigate your relationship(s) and life with more presence, purpose and personal power. Using ritual, rhythm & reverence to balance body, mind, spirit and emotions to reframe trauma and shift it. We will play with sensory practices. Large group, small group and individual exercises that are somatic and engage the senses (sound, smell, taste and touch).