Intimacy Rituals

Dance, Kink & Devotional Play

Immersion Details

This immersion is designed for dancers who want to explore kink, and kinsters who want to explore dance. It’s a welcoming space for curious newbies and a fertile ground for experienced adventurers to create new connections. This space welcomes and uplifts resilient identities. Z is a trans, queer, kinky, poly human who welcomes all of us to free ourselves from gender and social conditioning.

What is kink? Sexual desires, behaviors, and identities, that challenge social approval, giving you the opportunity to explore your courage, shame, pleasure, and liberation. 

Kink is discovering who you really are as you unveil who you have been told to be. Kink is deconstructing the ways you have learned race, gender, beauty, and other social ranking. Kink is bravely creating attunement and trust, by making space to want what you want, to be your true nature, and to belong to something bigger than society, to belong to spirit.

This immersion is a sacred ritual space to come home to our bodies, our eros, our natural tendency to share aliveness and joy in community. This is a space to explore your edgy intimacy desires… Oh that turns you on? You still belong. You are still welcome. You are still beautiful and trustworthy. This is a supportive space to play with power, to heal your relationship with Dominance and submission. 

This is the intended arc for our time together which may evolve based on what will best serve the group.

  • Pre-Immersion: What is secure attachment? What are your intentions for your relational life?
  • Day 1: Welcome. Intentions. Embodied rituals exploring Dominance & submission.
  • Day 2: Energetic erotic consent. Shifting from pattern to presence. Deepening power exchange through presence.
  • Day 3: Devotion through breath & energy orgasm.
  • Day 4: Fantasy. Shame resilience. Asking for what you want… on & off the dance floor!


  • Feel more alive
  • Permission to be your true self
  • Become trustworthy in your Dominance
  • Grow your capacity to trust & surrender to a beloved
  • Enhanced attunement & presence
  • New dance playmates!
  • Connection with sensual spiritual community
  • Space to take risks
  • Shame resilience
  • Experiential learning about what you really want in intimacy
  • Self connection & acceptance
  • Wholeness (welcoming your eros & your soul)
  • Connection with source & lineage (resting in a larger field of love)

Path to Entry:

  1. Register for the immersion through SoulPlay.
  2. Apply here. Given the depth of intimacy and power play in this immersion, all participants are asked to answer these questions. They are designed to support you to observe where you are on your journey, to clarify what you really want from this immersion, and to support me to orient to the experience, desires, and needs in our group.
  3. Attend How you Love to Love: Healthy Attachment & Clarifying Relationship Intentions, Monday, June 3, 5 - 7:30 pm pst. This is an online workshop offered specifically for our group one week prior to our immersion. This workshop uplevels our relational intelligence as a group. It is inspired by my conversations with Jessica Fern, author of Polysecure. This workshop provides education about secure attachment. It gives you the tools and supportive space to clarify your relationship intentions so we may come together to explore intimacy in a grounded, clear and attachment informed way. If you miss the live workshop, please watch the recording and come ready to share your intentions at the immersion.
  4. In the spirit of community health and disability access, take a rapid test within 30 min of arriving & bring it with you. Masks are optional.

Have questions about this particular Immersion?
Reach out to Zahava Griss directly at


Zahava "Z" Griss

Z (aka Zahava Griss, they/them) is the founder of Embody More Love, a spiritual kinky dance community for personal & cultural liberation. Since 1999, Z has guided dance rituals to decolonize, heal, build intimacy, & make love out of what is not yet love. Z guides a 3 month immersion called Play with Power & Gender through Dance, dedicated to attachment & trauma informed kink. Z is also creating a Grief & Eros Film honoring the legacy of Sobonfu Somé. Learn more at