Mischa Byruck

Mischa Byruck

Sexual Integrity Coach

Mischa Byruck is a sexual integrity coach and supports people to live their sex lives in line with their values. He is the founder of Evolve.Men, where he coaches, teaches and writes on gender and sexuality. He is an ICF-certified coach, with training in abuser counseling, facilitation, antiracism, trauma, gender, consent, men’s work, and sexuality. He is the education director for Bonobo Network and previously founded forLove, an erotic events company.


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Mischa Byruck

Rolling out the Red Carpet for the "No"

“Rolling out the red carpet for No” is not a consent technique; it's a way of BEING. Heralded by many as a game-changer in the consent field, it directly addresses the realities of social power dynamics and will transform even the most advanced practitioner's sexual practice! Activities include partner shares, rejection experiences, and powerful “NO” exercises. Participants emerge with a new language for navigating sexual encounters that is both fun, trauma-informed, and universally welcomed.

Gold Standard Apologies

A powerful restoration practice can give you the confidence to take risks. The Gold Standard Apology is a six-step process informed by the best minds in restorative and transformative justice and centers on individual integrity, not societal expectations. Activities include dyad story shares, practice sessions and discussion. Participants emerge with an elevated understanding of what real accountability looks like, and a concrete practice for conducting restoration in their own lives.