Trixie Lamonte

Trixie Lamonte

Sex Educator & Confidence Coach

Professional sex educator, workshop facilitator, performer, writer, ritualist, relationship & confidence coach, inspirational speaker, host of Gender Blender play parties & founder of Gender Illumination, Shine Diversity, & Queerdome. Trixie’s coaching practice is an ethos of nonjudgmental braver space with a focus on poly, self-love, & quality communication. Trixie works & performs locally & internationally. Trixie is proud to be kinky, queer, poly, & fabulous.


She / Her, They / Them, He / Him, Other


Workshops presented by

Trixie Lamonte

Love Yourself Completely

This workshop is an opportunity to deeply & passionately love yourself. Join self-confidence & self-esteem expert Trixie Lamonte in a fun, interactive, playful workshop designed to inspire you to love yourself fully. Coming from a new place of loving yourself will allow you to give & receive love from others with a more open heart. This workshop will be experiential & creative. Be prepared to open your heart & mind to a new way of beating & thinking

Connection, Sensuality, & Desire

Come & explore deep connection, sensuality, & stepping into your own desire. This will be an opportunity for interactivity, fun games, & a chance to get to know ourselves & each other even better. This workshop will increase your self expression, ability to connect with others, & creativity. Come with an open mind & leave with new insights & connections. You do not need a partner to attend. All are welcome.