Breathwork for Activation, Regulation & Awakening

Immersion Details

Taking a deep breath is the first thing we do when we enter this world, and it's the last we will do before we leave. Every single breath we take carries with it the potential to change, shape and mold our realities. 

BREATHE is an invitation to come into greater communion with the breath and all the potential it carries to alter not only your state today, but the trajectory of your life and the world you live in from here onwards. 

Our breath invites us into cycles of expansion and contraction, energizing and relaxing, activating and integrating. Through the breath, we access our raw human aliveness. With practice and cultivation, we can channel our vitality to step into our authentic selves. 

We will access the breath for our own self-development and spiritual insight through solo breathwork and meditation but also relationally in dyads and our tribal group field. The intimacy we are inviting is as close and deep as our next breath. 


What to expect:

Each day will include breathwork journeys, guided solo meditations, partnered Belly2Belly practices, and integration through community circle sharing. As we alternate between solo and interpersonal experiences, we will spiral deeper into an unconditional field of love for healing, growth, and awakening. The result is a simple felt presence, real time intimacy and heartfelt shared truth.

Who this is for:

You value depth in knowing yourself and through relationships

You are on a path of embodiment and personal development

You are curious to explore transpersonal realms and expanded states of consciousness

You have some or light experience with using the breath for accessing deeper states of self-awareness and or relational connection and intimacy 


The breathwork practices employed in this retreat are contra-indicated for women who are pregnant and people with severe unresolved trauma, history of seizures, high blood pressure, or heart disease, or psychiatric conditions including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. The scope of this work may include accessing non-egoic states which may be disorienting, untethering, or psychologically challenging. 

Breathe is facilitated by Rachel Rickards and Matt Sturm, two veterans of the SoulPlay community. The practices in this retreat will be held in a trauma-aware container, focusing on regulating the nervous system, and following the wisdom of the body. We both draw on years of practice and facilitation experience to offer a safe container for transformation.

Have questions about this particular Immersion?
Reach out directly to Rachel Rickards ( or Matt Sturm (


Matt Sturm

Matt is a guide for transformational experiences. He is the founder of the Living Kosmos integral mystery school and author of The Organic Masculine workbook for men. He teaches about sacred sexuality, yoga, breathwork, and spirituality, and leads men’s retreats. His training spans in somatic psychotherapy, psychedelic-assisted therapy, reiki, neo-tantra.

Rachel Rickards

Rachel is an international leader in the field of personal transformation, intimacy, embodiment, and relating. In 2014 she and co-founded Embodied Intimacy, which became one of the most respected organizations globally. Rachel’s newest passion project “The Field Facilitator Training” is a revolutionary new experiential learning environment for upcoming group facilitators who are passionate about creating fields of deep group-heart coherence and learning how to facilitate group soul emergence.